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Dumpster Repair Service in Bayou La Batre Alabama


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Are your dumpsters leaking, rusty, or making your property appear shabby? Amp Welding Fabrication in Bayou La Batre Al provides dumpster repair and maintenance services for your convenience. We will take your worn down dumpster and make it look like new again! Let us save you time and money by repairing your existing dumpster instead of you purchasing another.

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dumpster repair


Amp Welding Fabrication is committed to provide superior quality and reliable direct maintenance support for the Waste Industry

We strongly believe that we can save you time and most definitely money, just by applying our

“All in One Service ” Container Repair concept approach

Rather than having multiple sub contractors doing different things, waiting for parts and replacement  while your bottoms to arrive or even subcontractors to show up for work

We will help you streamline your current container repair process and tailored a Container

Maintenance Program that fit your specific needs, budget and inventory demands

We will assign a highly trained servicing crew permanently at each of your locations in Bayou La Batre Al assist your site Manager with the daily container repair requirements

                                            Click Here or Call Now (251)202-6300 to Get 30% off of all Dumpster Repair Cost 

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  • Pre-Fab Container Bottoms
  • Roll-Off Container Repairs
  • Front Load Dumpster Repairs
  • Rear Load Dumpster Repairs
  • Container Painting
  • Container Fabrication
  • Compactors, Packers Repairs
  • Trash Trucks Floor Overlay
  • Hoppers and Packers Floors
  •  Straighten bent gates
  • Welding up dumpster door

                                           Click Here or Call Now (251)202-6300 to Get 30% off of all Dumpster Repair Cost 

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                           Roll-Off dumpster weld Repairs in Bayou La Batre Al

If your roll off containers, waste containers, or front load dumpsters are looking old and beat up call Amp Welding Fabrication for full service dumpster and container repair services. We can repair roll off containers and dumpsters of any size. We can repair rips, holes and bowed walls with new sheet metal. If your containers need wheels, latches, ladders, safety chains, hooks, bottom rails, or any type or repair or replacement we can handle the job. We have a lot of experience with sheet metal and welding repairs. Our roll off container painting service will have your dumpsters looking like new again.

Amp Welding Fabrication is located in Bayou La Batre Al. We specialize in roll off container and front load dumpster repair and restoration. Our container repair services include:

Roll off container chair and binder repair

  • Holes, Rips, and dents repaired
  • Doors replaced and repaired
  • Wheels and hardware repair
  • Latches
  • Safety Chains and Hooks
  • Ladders replaced and repaired
  • Roll off container painting services
  • Sheet metal work
  • Welding, patching, and repairs
  • Bottom and Top rail repairs
  • Chain and Binder repairs
  • Floor Replacement

Do you have roll off containers that have been damaged and are not in working condition? Amp Welding Fabrication in Bayou La Batre Al can repair most any type of damage to roll off containers including bottom replacement, top rail repairs, welding, wheels, latches, doors, ladders, rip, hole, and tear patching repairs. Get your roll off containers back in use earning income.

Are your roll off containers looking worn and beat up? We can take a dented, rusted, and damaged roll off container and have it looking like new again with our repair and painting services.

Amp Welding Fabrication will allow you to outsource the repair of damaged roll off containers, we can get the job done quickly and for a reasonable price. We specialize in the repair of damaged roll off containers, dumpsters, and front load dumpsters. We have years of experience with any type of roll off container repair including rusted out bottoms, bent gates, frozen rollers, damaged latches, bent or rusted walls or any type of repair you require.

                        Dumpster Gates and repairs in Bayou La Batre Al

As with most projects, Dumpster Gates & Enclosures are common. We can provide your project with all the steel needs, just for that. We can provide you with the embedded items such as the Dumpster Posts & Pipe Bollards. The Dumpster Gates, if made from steel, are also provided by us. Generally, we wait for the Dumpster Posts to be set into the concrete, then get our dimensions for the gates and fabricate them to fit, in our shop.

prefab dumpster enclosure

Dumpster Enclosures

  • Graffiti resistant
  • Easily replaceable parts if damaged
  • 6, 8 and 10 foot height privacy
  • Multiple color options to match commercial and HOA applications
  • Matching fence options with perimeter and privacy fence for your development
  • Installs quickly with minimal tools required
  • 10 year Commercial Warranty

How to Build a Commercial Dumpster Enclosure for Your Business in Bayou La Batre Al

Keep Your Business Clean With a  Dumpster Corral

A good permanent dumpster service is necessary to keep your organization running efficiently, but your bins are better off hidden from your customers. Not to mention the people who see them as their own personal dumping ground. They’re also the best way to keep wildlife like raccoons or coyotes from getting into your trash.

A commercial dumpster enclosure will keep your property looking spiffy and prevent passersby from overloading your bins— which can rack up extra fees  for you in the process. And good news: building a dumpster corral isn’t difficult. We’re here to show you how.

Choose a Material for Your Dumpster Fence

Dumpster fences can be made out of several different materials. The chart below shows some pros and cons of each to help you choose.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to repair
  • Weathers easily
  • Lots of maintenance
  • Visually appealing
  • Maintenance-free
  • Expensive
  • Can’t be repaired
Chain link with slats:
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Less visual appeal
  • Easy to climb
  • Professional look
  • Little Maintenance
  • Less privacy
  • Difficult to install
  • Long-lasting
  • No Maintenance
  • Can’t be moved
  • Very expensive

Pro-Tip: Some cities require dumpster fences be made out of a specific material. Check the regulations in your area by searching your local Building Department’s website or giving them a call.

Determine Your Dumpster Enclosure Dimensions

The dimensions of your dumpster enclosure need to account not only for the size of the dumpster itself but leave enough room for employees to use your bin and for a garbage truck to pick it up. Dumpster corrals can be built with a variety of dimensions, but use the table below as a general starting point.

Dumpster Enclosure Dimensions Blueprint

Typical Minimum Dumpster Enclosure Dimensions 

Height: 8 feet
Length: 14 feet
Width/Depth: 19 feet
Gate Opening:  15 feet
Gate Swing: More than 90 degrees
Overhead Clearance: 20 feet
Truck Approach Length: 60 feet

Pro-Tip: Some cities require their own dimensions for dumpster enclosures. Check with your local Building Department to find out if any rules apply in your area.

Choose DIY or Professional Enclosure Installation

It’s tempting to try to save some money by putting up your enclosure yourself, but it may end up costing more in the long run if you make mistakes. Some types of dumpster corrals are better candidates for DIY installation than others.

Type of Fence
Wood: Safe to DIY
Vinyl: Safe to DIY
Chain link: Hire a Pro
Metal: Hire a Pro
Concrete: Hire a Pro

Since you’ll likely be building your dumpster enclosure on a parking lot or other concrete surface, keep in mind that you if you choose DIY installation you’ll need to rent a hammer drill to create post holes. Whatever surface you’re building your fence on, you’ll need to mix and pour concrete to make the posts sturdy. If you’re not up for either of those tasks, choose pro installation no matter what type of corral you’re building. It’s much more cost-effective to get it done right upfront than to build a flimsy fence that can’t stand up to repeated use.

If you’ve decided to DIY your dumpster enclosure installation, read on for our handy instructions.

How to Build a Wood or Vinyl Dumpster Enclosure

Step 1: Make Post Holes

  1. Use a string line to mark the perimeter of your fence.
  2. Determine where the posts will go. Mark where the center of each post will sit.
  3. Measure the width of your fence posts. Multiply that number by 3. This gives you the diameter needed for your post holes.
  4. Draw a circle with the proper diameter around each of the center-post marks.
  5. Drill holes about one inch apart around the perimeter of each circle using a hammer drill. Then drill several holes within the circle. This will prevent spider web cracks from forming in the surrounding concrete during the next step.
  6. Switch to a chisel drill bit. This turns your hammer drill into a small-scale jackhammer to begin breaking up the concrete within the circle.
  7. Once all the concrete has been broken up and removed, use a post hole digger to create a hole 24 inches deep.
  8. Add a few inches of gravel to the hole for drainage.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 for each post.

Custom Dumpster Gates In Bayou La Batre Al

Is your Dumpster Out of Sight, Protected and Secure?

From commercial and medical facilities to apartments, hotels, schools and private residences, if you need a new or replacement dumpster gate and enclosure, contact Amp Welding Fabrication .  We specialize in high quality custom dumpster enclosures and gates that prevent accidents, keep animals out, restrict access and provide visual screening.  Your dumpster doesn’t have to be an unsightly monstrosity for your employees, guests, residents, yourself or your customers.  We understand that the dumpster area is not the most attractive part of your property. Cover what is inside.  Our custom dumpster enclosures and gates are created, fitted and installed to blend into your existing landscaping and decor, delivering a solution that is visually pleasing and safe.

Our custom dumpster gates meet Bayou La Batre, Al and county ordinances and come in a variety of materials

All our gates are manufactured in our facility using a variety of materials to minimize damage and ensure your dumpster remains secure. Our options range from aluminum to chain link and light to heavy duty. The materials we utilize include:

We have designed, installed and maintained hundreds of dumpster gates across Bayou La Batre Al . Our satisfied clients range from homeowners and business owners to corporations and government agencies. Our dumpsters can be found in the following locations:

  • Apartments
  • Businesses
  • Club Houses
  • Condominiums
  • Corporations
  • Construction Sites
  • Day Care Centers
  • Government Agencies
  • Homes
  • Medical and Dental Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Schools
  • Storage Faculties
  • Strip Malls
  • And More