How To Make $400 A Day As A Mobile Welder

Hey guys my name is Alvon Portis  and I started my mobile welding business a few month ago .The success has been great i have work a number of big projects and been receiving steady work . You would think it would be hard to get it off the ground but not (HINT) just need the right resources to do so . So don’t worry about high insurance , welding machine all that can be gotten under $300 . You think that you would need all that but that is a lie . I start with a small machine and insurance that cost $67 a month and it cover over 2 million .


                                                  The Process 

Look let me be clear for all you guys who really want to get your welding business going and control how much you make this is for you .

  1. I will show you how to fill out for your business license (Because there a way where you can get them under $50
  2. I Will show you how to get insurance to cover all your jobs for $67

.The fun Part is finding work and then getting more jobs than you can handle  

Hey Guys for all who want to grow there welding business i can help .Don’t worry about thinking it cost $1000 to get started (NO) i got started with a small 110 machine and car .

                                 What I Can Promise

I can promise if you follow what i show just for one week you will get work .I will work hand and hand with you

We will set your goal for the first week and keep moving from there .My week goal start at making $1000 a week and guess what u been killing it and also just landed a job that pays my company $120 A hour for 6 months .

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