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We are your Loxley welding and fabrication shop that come onsite .we can build or weld repair anything that is needed by the customer . If you guys have some Fabrication that is needed please call me at (251)202-6300 or Click Here 

custom metal box

Custom made box

Amp Welding Fabrication is your one stop shop for all of your metal fabrication needs. Whether you have small quantities, or large production runs, we are here to make sure your job is completed as smooth and efficient as possible. Amp Welding Fabrication has been serving the Loxley , ALABAMA area since 1968 and offers a wide range of capability’s including laser cutting, plasma cutting, machining, forming, rolling, welding, assembly, and more.

If you require fabricated sheet metals products, no matter how unique , Amp Welding Fabrication can accommodate you. LAmp Welding Fabrication experienced designers and craftsmen have combined state-of-the-art technology with careful hand-finishing to produce superior quality custom-fabricated stainless steel, metal and millwork products that withstand the stresses of continual commercial use.

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Looking for professional custom metal fabrication services in the Loxley / AL area? If yes, contactAmp Welding Fabrication We offer exceptional custom steel fabrication for various types of structural, ornamental, and architectural metals for both private and public sectors. Our equipment/capabilities include shears, punches, turret punch press with auto-load, laser cutting, high def plasma, press brakes, welding, grinding.

In addition, we have the versatility to offer complete design and build solutions that cater to almost any industry or need. We can work from your design, or we can develop a complete design solution for you. We will work with you to determine the most cost effective, high quality, on time delivery for your project.

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Quality Metal Fabrication

Amp Welding Fabrication has had an outstanding reputation as a family-run, full-service job shop serving all industries. Our highly experienced team can quickly respond to your quote requests and questions, ensuring you receive a quality product delivered on time at a competitive price.Amp Welding Fabrication is dedicated to providing quality precision sheet metal that exceeds customer requirements.

At Amp Welding Fabrication , we understand that the quality of our services translates directly to the quality of our customers’ products. That’s why our customers keep coming back—and so will you!  Amp Welding Fabrication is an outstanding metal fabrication facility with a well-deserved reputation for quality. We serve a variety of industries and manufacturers, specializing in panels, brackets, enclosures, and sub-assemblies.

Whether you need to create an aluminum prototype for testing purposes or require steel girders to reinforce a building’s framework, Amp Welding Fabrication enjoys a well earned reputation for precision work, on time delivery, and a legendary work ethic that distinguishes us from all of our competitors.

WE make custom fabricated metal plates  

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we can design and make metal plate for business and many other metal shapes that is needed . We do this wit our CNC cutting machine .

custom fabricated metal plate

At Al we work with clients who use custom metal brackets. These metal brackets are as varied as their purpose. Our clients use the brackets to mount television, computer keyboards and other audio-visual equipment.  Many of our clients employ us to build heavy duty brackets for carrying large equipment on trucks. Additionally we build custom brackets used by surgeons in the medical industry. The materials for these custom brackets are as diverse as their application and including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium. Like all of our products at Amp Welding Fabrication  these brackets are built specifically to our clients requirements to suit their application.

Custom stainless steel brackets laser cut and welded to our customers specificationsCustom stainless steel brackets laser cut and welded to our customers specifications
Laser cut from 1/4" A36 steel bracketsLaser cut from 1/4″ A36 steel brackets
Custom metal brackets laser cut from thin gauge stainless steelCustom metal brackets laser cut from thin gauge stainless steel

Many of our finished products make a stop in the grinding and polishing department before delivery to ensure the ideal finish to our clients specifications. Depending on the design this may mean a quick touch up or in some instances more time intensive graining or polishing to create a mirror like finish on an art piece, food grade product or another piece that requires a perfect finish.

If your project requires high-definition CNC plasma cutting of sheet metal or heavy plate metal Baldwin Metals can help.

Our CNC plasma cutter can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel and aluminum as thin as 20 gauge and up to three inches thick with outstanding accuracy and efficiency. With one of the largest plasma cutting water tables in the area we can take on most projects, large or small. In addition to cutting standard shapes our plasma cutting system has the ability to bevel pieces at the plasma saving time and preparing the piece for welding.

We strive to provide quick turn arounds and get you the pieces you need as efficiently as possible. Our on-hand inventory of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminums mean there is no delay in waiting for materials to arrive from an outside source before we can begin plasma cutting. Our clients that provide CAD drawings mean we can further expedite the fabrication process.

Beyond plasma cuttingAmp Welding Fabrication offers a full compliment of metal fabricating processes, so if your project requires further manufacturing we can typically handle the job in-house.