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Custom Mezzanines and Metal Platform Fabrication Service in #city:t#

Are you in the #city:t# area and are in need of a mezzanine fabrication service? Do you need a mezzanine repaired or replaced? If so call #brand:t# @ #number# today for a reasonable quote and excellent service.

Supported Mezzanine

Types of Mezzanines & Platforms We Fabricate in #city:t#

  • Structural Mezzanines
  • Rack Supported Mezzanines
  • Shelf Supported Mezzanines
  • Part & Bins Mezzanines
  • Drawer Supported Mezzanines
  • Permanent Work Platforms
  • Mobile (Temporary) Work Platforms

Types of Mezzanine Gates & Accessories We Service in #city:t#

  • Mezzanine Safety Gates
  • Self Closing Swinging Gates
  • Pick Module Safety Gates
  • Mezzanine & Service Platform Ladders
  • Mezzanine Handrails

Structural Mezzanine Fabrication and Repair Service In #city:t#

Are you needing more space? We can help your business better allocate it’s square footage by using the vertical space that mezzanines provide.

Structural mezzanines are most ideal for warehouses, shops, aircraft hangars, manufacturing facilities and more.

Bar Grating Mezzanine

1″ 1′′X 1/8′′open grating made from painted steel to allow for ventilation and/or fire suppression. Suitable for applications with a requirement for easy communication between levels. The grating is not recommended for small parts assembly, as the parts might fall through it.

Roof Deck Mezzanines

Unlike plywood and other alternatives at a comparable price, 20 gauge painted steel roof deck (also known as B-Deck or Corrugated Steel) is light and unfinished, making it an ideal mezzanine floor panel. This design is intended for light foot traffic and lighter pallet jack traffic.

Call us today for a Quote: 251-776-4337

Types of Warehouse Mezzanine Systems in #city:t#

Our steel warehouse mezzanine systems are fully able to be customized to fit into just about any area of your warehouse or industrial facility. #brand:t#’s mezzanines are engineered and designed to meet all IBC, OSHA and other building codes.

Freestanding Mezzanines

A freestanding mezzanine is supported by structural columns. These columns allow for maximum use of floor level space or even on a pre-existing or newly-installed mezzanine. Also this mezzanine type allows for a great deal of design flexibility to meet your needs.

Rack or Shelving Supported Mezzanines

Rack or shelving supported mezzanines use standing shelving or racks as the support structure. For example, a deck-over unit could be constructed allowing for an open space on top of easily-accessible storage. Or, for an even more high-density storage need, a second story of shelving can be build on top of lower level storage. Rack or shelf supported mezzanines are used many times for pallet racking and stacking pallets.

Catwalk Style Mezzanines

Catwalk style mezzanines increase your shelving or rack storage area capacity. More important with them you get increased access to your vertical space. Existing or new shelving uprights provide the support framing. If this is inadequate, cubic columns are used as needed.

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