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Sheet Metal Fabrication Service in #city:t#

Looking for sheet metal fabricators in #city:t# #stab:t#? We’ve got them! Our design departments advanced sheet metal fabrication machines, and highly-skilled metal production team allow us to produce close-tolerance metal components to meet all of your customized metal product needs. This is replicated with speed and accuracy for your current and future projects.

#brand:t# is your one stop shop for all of your sheet metal fabrication needs. Whether you have small quantities, or large production runs, we are here to make sure your job is completed as smooth and efficient as possible. #brand:t# serves the #city:t# area and offers a wide range of capability’s including laser cutting, plasma cutting, machining, forming, rolling, welding, assembly, and more.

#brand:t# can provide you with fabricated sheet metal products, no matter how unique they may be. Our experienced designers and craftsmen offer a wide variety of custom-fabricated stainless steel, metal and millwork products that can withstand continued commercial use due to our use of state-of-the-art technology, coupled with careful hand-finishing.

Our Production Process

1. Request a Quote

Our team will reach out to you and work with you to understand the specifics of your project and see if we are a good fit.

2. Receive A Solution

We work with you to help craft your idea into a prototype while also factoring a production strategy that fits your timing, budget and quality requirements.

3. We’ve Got This

With AMP we have your back with your fabrication needs. After we have the process down there is no need to worry about you fabrication needs.

CNC Plasma Cutting Services in #city:t#.

If your project requires high-definition CNC plasma cutting of sheet metal or heavy plate metal #brand:t# can help.

Our CNC plasma cutter can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel and aluminum as thin as 20 gauge and up to three inches thick with outstanding accuracy and efficiency. With one of the largest plasma cutting water tables in the area we can take on most projects, large or small. In addition to cutting standard shapes our plasma cutting system has the ability to bevel pieces at the plasma saving time and preparing the piece for welding.

We strive to provide quick turn arounds and get you the pieces you need as efficiently as possible. Our on-hand inventory of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum sheets mean there is no delay in waiting for materials to arrive from an outside source before we can begin plasma cutting. Many of our clients provide CAD drawings to us and this means we can further expedite the fabrication process. We also offer in house CAD renderings with our SolidWorks CAD certified team members.

Beyond plasma cutting #brand:t# offers a full compliment of metal fabricating processes in #city:t#, so if your project requires further manufacturing we can typically handle the job in-house. Call or Fill our Project form to get started on your CNC Project today.

Brake Bending & Forming Metal Services in #city:t#

If you are in the #city:t# area and needing some metal forming done then contact us to help you with your project. Press brake forming is one of our specialties at #brand:t#; we offer state-of-the-art forming capabilities to meet a full range of manufacturing requirements for sheet metal processing and other specialties. Our press brake operators are the best in the business and along with CNC equipped press brakes can accurately and consistently form metal spanning from .005 to over 2 inches. We typically form parts in our press brakes from stainless steel, carbon steel, chro-moly, aluminum and even titanium. Beyond these standard materials we can supply nearly any type of exotic material for special productions. Complicated bends and curvatures can be achieved through a variety of techniques, including bump bending. Press brakes simplify the process of bending and forming sheet metal by clamping the metal between a punch and die. 

Our Our Most Common Press Brake Bends, Punch Press and Forms:

  • Box Form
  • U-Form
  • Vee-Form
  • Dimples
  • Extruded Holes
  • Offsets
  • Joggles
  • Open Bends
  • Closed Bends
  • Stiffing Ribs
  • Planish
  • Draw Form
  • Radius Form
  • Form Curl
  • Form Coin
  • And Just about anything you need.

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Laser Cutting Services in #city:t#


#brand:t# offers the latest capabilities in High-Speed Laser Metal Cutting Services as well as being the leading provider in sheet metal fabrication services in #city:t#. The majority of our sheet metal fabrication projects start with our laser cutting equipment, which can accurately cut sheet metals to exacting dimensions. 

Using a laser cutting service in #city:t# is a very cost-effective method for manufacturing small to medium part orders made from flat sheet metal. As there is no need for tooling, laser cutting offers quick parts from your CAD file with precision tolerances. No CAD files? No Problem. Get with one of our SolidWorks certified team members to prototype the exact dimensions of your project.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting produces finished parts and components with smoother surface finishes, and practically burr-free holes and edges while generating less material waste than conventional stamping processes. In addition, with our combination laser and turret presses, we offer even greater flexibility, speed, and accuracy.

Materials We Often Laser Cut:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium 

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