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Spiral Staircase Fabrication

Spiral Staircase

What are Spiral Stairs?

Spiral staircases are round stairs, curved stairs, or stair treads connected to a central column, consisting of individual steps or treads. As you go up or down the stairs, the treads rotate around the central point, creating a spiral pattern. There is no center column in a spiral staircase, unlike a helical or curved staircase.

What are Metal Spiral Staircases made of?

Aluminum, steel, and galvanized iron are the most common metals used for spiral staircases. You should weigh the pros and cons of each metal option before selecting one for your spiral staircase.


The lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties of aluminum make it an excellent material for spiral stairs. Aluminum is also more affordable than other metals. The natural appearance of aluminum is appealing, as is its ease of cleaning. The downside is that aluminum is more fragile than steel. Under pressure, it is more likely to break than to bend because it does not absorb vibrations well.


The fact that steel is so strong and tough makes it an excellent building material. There are many applications for steel in construction and engineering, including stairs. Because steel is malleable, it can be bent and shaped without breaking or losing strength, making it a perfect choice for spiral staircases. Steel can be used to capture the sweeping curves of spiral staircases. As a building material, this material is highly durable and resistant to rust.

Galvanized Iron

Zinc is coated over galvanized iron for increased corrosion resistance, just as it is on other galvanized metals. In addition to preventing rust, galvanizing also prevents the corrosion of iron. Yet iron is also an exceptionally strong metal. Iron is an alloy of steel. Using galvanized metal for spiral stairs can ensure their longevity for 75 years while requiring little maintenance.

Benefits of Spiral Staircase

One of the biggest advantages spiral staircases enjoy is the creation of space. They don’t occupy the same amount of space as a regular staircase, so if you’re putting in a second story or a room addition, a spiral staircase makes an excellent option. That said, there are choices to be considered regarding a spiral staircase. The more gradual the climb, the more space the staircase will take for ease of use. If space is at a premium, you’ll need a steeper incline, which may present problems in itself.

Cost of Metal Spiral Staircases

A spiral staircase made of metal can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $20,000. The average cost of installing one is $10,400. Depending on the stairs’ height and width, as well as the metal material type (cast iron, aluminum, steel) , the total cost will be abele to be determined.

Because we only use metal spiral stairways for our construction the cost is much less than wood, glass. We also offer competitive labor rates to go with our precision staircase fabrication.

Steel Spiral Staircase Prices

A set of spiral steel stairs will cost between $1,000 and $4,400 when built with steel materials. The vast majority of spiral staircases are sold as kits, but we can also prefabricate them before installing. We also offer our steel spiral stairs in a variety of styles and finishing colors.

Aluminum Spiral Staircase Prices

For aluminum spiral stairs, expect to pay between $2,500 and $20,000. These stairways are weather resistant. Many of our customers use our aluminum spiral staircases for outdoor installs because of their rust resistance, but they work well as indoors staircases as well.

Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase

Upon choosing wrought iron materials, expect this project to cost $1,000 to $4,600. The stairs includes the wrought iron railing price as well as the balusters, treads, and supports. 

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