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steel stairway

With versatility and countless styles and finishes, metal stairs are functional and long lasting. Whether your project calls for a simple construction, or replacing an existing staircase with a new custom design, Amp Welding Fabrication offers a full range of high quality fabrication of metal stair services using steel, iron, aluminum and stainless steel components. Do you have specific requirements in mind for your metal staircase, such as landings, stair towers, railings or ladders? The team of estimators, draftsman, project managers and certified welders at Amp Welding Fabrication will customize every aspect of your design, while ensuring that building and safety codes are met. With competitive rates and outstanding customer service, clients depend on Amp Welding Fabrication for turnkey completion of their metal stair services.

Metal Stair Services in Foley Al

Amp Welding Fabrication a variety of industries with metal stair services such as:

How much is a steel staircase?

You can expect to pay about $4,000 for a staircase; however, there are many factors in the design that can impact the price. A basic and straight flight can cost around $1,000 while a customised staircase can cost up to $30,000 or more. The railing for steel staircase cost around ” On average, the cost to install wrought iron railings is $2,600. Most people pay between $700 and $4,600 for materials and labor. Plan with $50 to $120 per linear foot for materials, in addition to $300 to $1,000 per project for labor for a banister between 10 and 30 feet.

How much does it cost to redo a steel staircase in Foley Al?

Replacing your interior stairs will cost between $900 and $4,000, including installation. Higher quality materials and challenging projects could raise the price up to $10,000. If you don’t need a full-blown installation, repairing stairs or railings costs $310 to $1,000. Metal steps are durable, often used for spiraling staircases, and cost $200 a step. With demolishing old stairs and hiring a contractor, you’ll pay at least $1,000 to $2,000 in additional costs. Stainless steel staircases run from $4,060 to $5,390, including labor costs.

  • Metal Stair Parts in Foley

How much does it cost to replace spindles and banisters?

A complete makeover for a standard staircase falls on the mid or high end of that price range. New treads and risers usually cost about $1,800 to $2,500. New balusters usually cost about $1,200 to $1,600. A complete makeover including treads, risers, balusters, a handrail and newel posts usually costs $4,000 to $8,000. The two main components of the staircase are tread and riser. The tread is the horizontal element where we place our feet and the riser is the vertical element that separates the treads.

  • Metal Stair Railings

How much is metal stair railing?

Here are the cost for most stair railing “On average, the cost to install wrought iron railings is $2,600. Most people pay between $700 and $4,600 for materials and labor. Plan with $50 to $120 per linear foot for materials, in addition to $300 to $1,000 per project for labor for a banister between 10 and 30 feet.

  • Metal Stair Repairs

One of the most common thing people ask is How do you fix rusted metal steps?

here how you repair them “Use a wire brush to scrub rust off the metal surface. It is important to remove as much rust as you can from the metal, otherwise rusting can continue, which will result in peeling.Prime the metal with an all surface enamel oil primer. …Paint the metal surface with an all surface enamel oil based paint.In most case we will have to weld addition of the stairs to make sure it all intact .

  • Metal Stair Restoration in Foley Al

So we was ask to do restoration on metal stairs here are so of the thing that can be done to make this possible ” We replace old rusted out stairs and rails ,Next we located all damaged areas that are rusted on treads and grind and clean the area before welding . All welds must be 100% to insure the safety.

  • Metal Stairs in Apartments
  • Metal Stairs in Commercial Buildings
  • Metal Stairs in Hotels
  • Steel Stair Construction in Foley

A never-ending drive for efficiency and a commitment to top quality custom fabrication has awarded Amp Welding Fabrication ,  the reputation of industry leader in the design of custom metal stairs. This is why facility owners, general contractors and construction managers trust Amp Welding Fabrication for even the most sophisticated interior and exterior project designs.

Located North Foley , Al , the team at Amp Welding Fabrication operates from a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and proudly serves clients along the East Foley , and across the Midwest and Central U. S. Contact us today to receive an estimate on you next metal stair project

Metal Stair Railings

Foley Exterior Hand Railings

Foley metal fabrication contractor Amp Welding Fabrication , AMP is your one stop source for custom interior and exterior hand railings as well as all your metal stair services needs. From sturdy basic pipe rails to the most elaborate decorative hand railings, AMP Welding, AMP can custom design and fabricate any type of hand railings to meet your needs.

We have draftsmen on staff who can convert your ideas into reality or we can create your hand railing from the specifications you provide. Our skilled welders and craftsmen create handrails from all types of metals including steel, iron, aluminum and stainless steel. We also offer a wide range of finishes from galvanization to paint to high tech polymer coatings.

Al Exterior Metal Railings

Amp Welding Fabrication is the premiere interior and exterior metal railing contractor in Al. By handling the design, fabrication and installation of our metal railings in-house, we are able to leverage our vertically integrated production process and offer the highest quality products at very competitive prices.

In addition to controlling costs, handling the entire process from design to fabrication and installation allows us to meet our customers’ stringent deadlines and avoid costly construction delays.

Custom Steel Railings in Foley Al

When you need the highest quality custom steel railings, we can help! At AMP Welding, we have earned our reputation for excellence by providing cost effective metal fabrication solutions. Our steel railings are fabricated from top quality materials by certified welders and skilled craftsmen who are committed to our mission of providing every customer with top quality and professionalism.

We offer turnkey services including demolition and removal of existing railings, design, fabrication and installation of new railings, and can also complete related repairs or alterations while on site including associated concrete and wood work. Our goal is to provide general contractors, property owners and facility managers with a one source solution for their steel railings needs. Contact our Amp Welding Fabrication today for more information about our services.

Foley Metal Stair Parts

AMP Welding, is Foley source for metal stair parts. At our full service welding and metal fabrication facility, we fabricate high quality parts for all types of metal stairs including railings, safety rails, stair treads, balusters, decorative panels, gates and supporting structures.

With over 100 years of combined experience in metal stairs services, our certified welders and metal craftsmen can create any parts you need for your metal stairs. We create metal stair parts using steel, iron, aluminum and stainless steel. Whether you need replacement parts for an existing metal staircase or need metal stair parts for a new installation, you can count on AMP Welding, AMP to deliver.

Al Iron Stair Parts

AMP  Welding, Amp Welding Fabrication iron stair parts at its Al metal fabrication facility. Whether you have a spiral staircase, circular staircase or straight staircase, we are fully equipped and staffed to help you with your iron stair parts needs. We fabricate ornamental iron stair parts to your specifications or our designers will be happy to work with you to create a design to fit your needs.

We are a full service metal fabrication and welding contractor that can handle any type of metal fabrication project from the fabrication of iron stair parts to turnkey management of the entire project. Our experienced project managers work as a team with our draftsmen, welders and metal craftsmen to ensure your project proceeds smoothly and is completed within your schedule and budget.


Foley Steel Stair Parts

No matter what type of facility you have, when you need steel stair parts you can depend on Foley Amp Welding Fabrication for world class customer service, top quality steel stair parts custom fabricated to your specifications, and competitive prices. All of our work is handled in-house from estimation to design, fabrication and installation.

By controlling every step of the project, we are better able to meet our commitment to delivering top quality workmanship and professionalism on every job. When you need metal stair parts, call the best in the business – contact our Foley Metal Stair Parts Contractors at Amp Welding Fabrication.

Al Steel Staircase Construction

Amp Welding Fabrication is one of the premier steel staircase construction contractors in Al. We have earned our reputation for excellence by providing top quality design, fabrication and installation of metal stairs, competitive rates to property owners and facility managers throughout the region.

If you need a steel staircase for a newly constructed facility or need to replace an existing staircase with a durable steel staircase, we can help! We are equipped to provide turnkey steel staircase construction. We have an experienced staff of draftsmen, project managers, certified welders and experienced metal craftsmen and can handle any size project no matter how big or how small.

We serve a wide variety of markets with top quality steel stair construction including:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Stadiums
  • Sports and recreation facilities
  • Schools
  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Government buildings
  • Hospital

In addition to steel stair construction, we offer a full range of high quality welding, design and fabrication with our metal stair services including steel, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel products. If your project calls for metal platforms, walkways, storage racks, counters, guard rails, canopies, awnings or other custom fabricated metal products, our skilled craftsmen can meet your needs.

Foley Exterior Steel Stairs Contractor

We are a full service metal fabrication and welding contractor specializing in turnkey design and construction of interior and exterior steel stairs and other iron, steel, aluminum and stainless steel products. We have experienced designers on staff who can create a design to meet your needs or we can work from your design specifications.

For replacement projects, we can handle the project from the demolition of existing structures to design, construction and finish of the new steel stairs or other metal product. Licensed and fully insured for your peace of mind, we offer competitive rates and outstanding personal service. Call our Foley Steel Staircase Construction Contractors for more information.

Foley Metal Stair Repairs

If you own or operate a commercial building, office building or facility with metal stairs that are in need of repair, you can depend on the Foley metal stairs specialists at Amp Welding Fabrication for fast, expert metal stair services.Amp Welding Fabrication is committed to being the regional industry leader in the design, fabrication, and repair of metal stairs.

A deteriorated metal staircase can be dangerous. Corrosion, cracked or broken welds, impact damage, wear and fatigue can lead to failures in the treads, handrails or supporting structure. Don’t take chances with a metal staircase – there are many welders out there, but none with more metal stair repair experience than the experts at Amp Welding Fabrication We specialize in metal stairs and our certified welders and skilled metal craftsmen have over 100 years combined experience in welding and metal fabrication.

Foley Steel Staircase Repairs

From our centrally located facility North ofFoley Al , we offer a complete range of steel staircase repairs from corrosion removal to repairs of broken welds, replacement of worn, fatigued, cracked or broken metal stair treads, handrails and other components, to replacement of worn finishes with durable, cutting edge protective coatings.

A metal staircase is a big investment. Regular repairs and maintenance of your steel staircase can help maximize the useful life of your metal stairs. Deferring metal staircase repairs is an example of being “penny wise but pound foolish”. Not only could someone be seriously injured on a poorly maintained metal staircase, but if the staircase is allowed to deteriorate too far, it may be beyond repair and a new metal staircase will be the only option left.

FoleyExterior Metal Stair Repairs

Our Foley exterior metal stair repair experts at Amp Welding Fabrication provide top quality metal stair repairs by experienced, professional certified welders and metal craftsmen with extensive metal stair repair experience. We are committed to providing every customer with the highest quality and professionalism on every job we handle. Contact our Foley Metal Stair Repairs Contractors today to help restore the beauty and function of your metal stairs.

Trusted Provider of Metal Stairs, ADA Rails, Rusty Steel Repairs, Concrete Treads, and Other Metal Fabrication Work in Foley, Al

At Foley a Welding, metal and steel are our specialty and we can fabricate and craft them for a limitless array of applications and requirements. From residential custom ADA rails to commercial stair repair, we can perform any task required and deliver remarkable results.

When you hire our welders in Foley , expect a team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals able to answer your questions about any stage of the welding and rust removal process.

While we provide a number of staircase designs and pre-crafted concrete treads, every customer is important and every project is considered unique. We cater to your metal and steel needs and build products with excellence we can be proud of and you as a customer can truly rely on.

Metal Restoration

From a simple handrail that is failing to a rusty structural steel beam, nothing is beyond the capabilities and experience of Foley Welding. When steel turns rusty due to exposure to the elements, our team can fully restore your investment. As welding specialists in Foley, we will bring your product back to life and ensure that it’s protected from destructive elements and rust for years to come.

CAST IRON STAIRCASE service in Foley 


These original staircases represent many things aside from being highly sought after items. They are a thing of beauty and a focal point for that all important “curb appeal” to a historically correct house. Today, the most noticeable (and troubling) thing they represent is the fact that they are disappearing from the once proud houses they highlighted at a pace that is not only troubling, but in some cases unnecessarily. Disappearing, never to return. They can’t, because they are not made anymore.Unnecessarily because in some, if not most cases, they can be saved if properly maintained. They must also be properly used.

The majority of cast iron staircases here were made and installed between the late 1800’s and the1930’s. It should therefore be no surprise that they were not designed for the lifestyle of today’s average household or commercial building. Such as moving a 300 pound refrigerator, complete with two 200 pound delivery men up or down the fragile cast iron staircase. Especially bouncing it down the steps on a hand truck. Obviously not a concern during the time period they were made in. Add to the equation 100+ years of time passage and even a well maintained original cast iron staircase is quite likely to have maintenance or repair issues. With this type of material, a serious or even hazardous condition may exist or one may suddenly appear without warning. They are at a stage of their life where constant monitoring is not only prudent, but necessary. There are two main factors that lead to problems with these original cast iron staircases.

Factor #1, DETERIORATION Chiefly, this is the result of neglect. While it is true that cast iron is much more resilient to wear and long term weather conditions, and it can withstand prolonged periods of not being protected by paint, they will take a toll over 100 years. Try that with one of the STEEL staircases of today! Did you ever wonder why manhole covers are made of cast iron? Some are older than your staircase. And they are still made of cast iron today. Manhole covers are not cost prohibitive however, so they did not go the way of the cast iron staircase. Nor do they require a lifetime of experience to design and craft, or a complicated foundry to manufacture.

Unfortunately, most of these cast iron staircases were neglected in many ways. Material specific paint and even more importantly, the correct primer is a must. Another form of neglect is not paying attention to changes taking place and having them addressed before more serious problems arise. Loose components, misaligned pieces, bolts shearing off or missing completely, settling or sagging, loose or broken railing posts, cracks, broken Stringers, etc.. A good tell-tale sign that a previous owner had serious problems with the staircase and repairs were not made is the presence of added supports, posts, props or bricks, etc. to hold the staircase up. Of course that sound so abvious, but many people pay that make-shift added support thing no attention. That could be a costly mistake.

Factor #2, DAMAGE Damage can result from a variety of things, including construction, renovating, moving heavy items over the staircase, dropping something on the staircase from above, placing a ladder in the center of a step or on the stoop plate, tree limb falls, bouncing down the steps or skipping steps while descending the staircase and improper repairs. It should be remembered that cast iron is FRAGILE. It will not bend like steel. It will snap and break. Damage can also occur, and frequently does, from IMPROPER WELDING PRACTICES and poorly designed and carried out repairs. An inordinate amount of repairs are necessary due to improper welding. Sometimes, the piece that was welded is not salvageable, and usually this welding has more serious consequences than the original problem presented. That is not to say that sometimes, contrary to the belief of some, that welding is not called for. But specific to the task and material, not just welding.

In a perfect world, parts can be replaced with “salvage” parts from other similar model staircases, but it is not a perfect world when dealing with antique structures and the right part in the right size from the right model staircase are not always available. And some of the “reproduced” ones are a horrific replacement. Availability of the parts needed and cost effectiveness sometimes dictates proper welding to make the staircase safe again. Installing poorly engineered support under the staircase or in the wrong places can almost certainly cause damage or structural failure. Don’t just “prop it up”, instead, determine the reason it suddenly needs artificial support. Usually, something more serious is going.

  1. Structural integrity is everything with any structure, but it is even more important with castings.

Obviously, these staircases consist extensively of castings.One of the major causes of damage to one of these original cast iron staircases is poor or improper support due to ground settling, causing the staircase to drop or lean toward the bottom or one

side. This will cause it to be out of level and result in poor or no support in critical areas. It can also

cause too much stress in some areas and weight not being equally transferred to the ground at the

bottom step. In extreme cases, the bottom step will not even be in contact with the ground. Look

for a make-shift bottom step or bricks holding up the bottom step. A sure sign repairs are needed.

Severe settling of the ground near the bottom of the staircase can cause the Stoop Plate (flat

landing or porch area) and/or the hand railings to pull out of the building. Risers (the “up” section

between the steps) can break out and Treads (steps) can crack or break. Bolts that hold the Risers

and Treads in place can be broken or missing and both can be loose as the components became

misaligned. A dangerous condition indeed.

The Stringers (long “side” pieces that run from the bottom step up to the house) can crack or

break, and in a worse case scenario cause a collapse.

On many of these staircases, the stringer’s flat structural support bar that runs behind and along it

is rotted and no longer in contact with the bottom step. Continuous longitudinal support of the

Stringers (main side supports) is thereby interrupted and the entire weight of the staircase can be

on the FRAGILE castings, which are largely ornamental in nature and not designed to support the

total weight of the staircase.

When these staircases were installed, the current practice and technology of digging a deep hole in

the ground (below the freeze line) and pouring an adequate concrete footer to serve as a

foundation for the staircase was not done. Understandable for the time period, but this factor alone

continues to contribute to settling of the staircase resulting in serious damage. In some more

serious cases, such a concrete foundation must be added before repairs to the staircase can be


What can you do to preserve your original cast iron staircase into perhaps the next generation,

when it will be even more valuable? The answer is, read again the above two problem factors, #I

DETERIORATION and #2 DAMAGE. Look for any of these signs, and keep looking. They require

constant monitoring now and into the future. We can only guess if the Artisans who crafted them

thought their masterpieces would endure into a time generations beyond them, but to their tribute

and to the testimony of original DC architecture, they have. Now it is up to you.

If you notice any of the conditions mentioned here, or any others of concern, or if you have any

doubts regarding the structural integrity of your cast iron staircase, call a qualified Ironworks or

Welding Company for an inspection. As previously mentioned however, cast iron is markedly

different from steel and the materials commonly used today in staircases. They were produced by

experts qualified by many years of experience with cast iron. Similarly, they must be repaired and

maintained by such experts. These experts are hard to find anymore, but do your homework and

don’t be discouraged by a backlog of work they may have. Unless you have serious or dangerous

problems with your cast iron staircase, it may take a little time to get the repairs you need. But it

should not be a problem to at least get them to do a thorough inspection and evaluation of your

needs and a priority for those repairs.

Loose or separating parts can lead to a hazardous condition and costly repairs. Early detection and

repair is best.

 We Offer High-quality steps and handrails are an essential and functional safety component

  Here at Amp Welding Fabrication, we provide fabrication and repair services for your stairs and balconies.Our team is proud to serve Foley, Al, We offer handrail repair, stair stringer and step repair.To help ensure that your family or customers remain safe on your property, turn to us for all your step and handrail repair needs.

We are skilled at repairing all staircase needs. We will work to ensure that the job is done right the first time and you are 100 percent satisfied with the finished project.
We provide a complete turnkey package. We remove steps, fabricate and install new pans, mix and pour the concrete, prime & paint with the industries’ best rust inhibitor and paint (your color) to protect your investment for many years.Included at no extra cost is professional guidance concerning maintenance and the elimination of factors that cause steel to rust. We want you to enjoy your investment forever and we can make it happen!We are happy to work with you and/or your residents to ensure access throughout the entire process. No need to evacuate while our work is in progress, ever.

Which side should handrail be on stairs?

it is better to do Both sides are better and safer too for installing stair railings. There are no standard rules. But mostly It is suggested on the right hand side as you go down the stairs. Very few stairwells are full walled on both sides, so the wall-mount rail is usually same side as the banister rail.