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steel pipe bollards Fabrication

Steel bollards are heavy-duty posts embedded deep into the substrate and filled with concrete. Steel pipe is often used in parking lots, around utility meters, before storefront windows, and to outline pedestrian areas. Architectural bollards can be placed over these steel posts to give them a classical decorative aesthetic.

If the steel bollard post is not covered with a decorative bollard, it should be sealed from the elements in another way. Paint is commonly used to hold corrosion at bay. Concrete bollard caps enhance the profile of painted posts.

Slide-over plastic bollard sleeves are another finishing option. They provide a clean, durable exterior that guards against weathering and does not chip or crack as easily as paint. Read more about steel pipe bollards.

How much does it cost to install bollards?

Depending on what you choose, the flexible bollards will cost you anywhere between $53.90 and $324.50.

The cost of bollards will vary on the type, material and quantity you are looking for. If you want to explore different types of bollards and want to get insights about costing, Safety Xpress can help!

We are one of the leading suppliers of safety equipment and provide a variety of bollards to suit your purpose of safety and accessibility.

Identify your needs and explore our range of bollards to make an informed decision:

What are bollards in construction?

A bollard is a short post used to create a protective or architectural perimeter. When installed primarily as a visual guide, bollards guide traffic and mark boundaries. … Bollards can also be constructed to physically block vehicle incursion, protecting people and property.

bollard covers?

Bollard covers are a great way to improve your facility, while reducing maintenance costs. This great alternative to painting will save you the time, expense and mess of paint.

The bollard covers easily slide over the top of your current post and are secured in place with our patented gripper tabs.The gripper tabs can be swapped out with foam strips at no additional charge if you have a non-standard size post to cover.

They are available in a variety of diameters and heights with a wide range of color combinations to choose from including our new granite colors.

Installing Plastic Bollard Covers

Protect your pipe bollards while enhancing their aesthetic appearance. Plastic bollard covers help to increase visibility and reduce maintenance of pre-installed pipe bollards. Bollard covers are made of high-quality polyethylene for the best corrosion resistance. Plastic bollard covers can be easily installed with compressible foam strips, and their secure mounting system reduces the likelihood of theft.

It is important to note that Reliance Foundry’s bollard covers are primarily decorative. Adding bollard covers to existing pipe bollards will not affect impact resistance. The level of impact resistance is directly related to the original installation.


1 Plastic Bollard Cover 1
2 Foam Strip 2
3 Reflective Tape (optional) 2


Measuring Tape Hand Saw


  • To protect the finish, keep bollard covers in original packaging until the exact moment of installation.
  • Handle with care to avoid scratching or damaging bollard cover surfaces.
Diagram showing the parts list

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