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White-spunner construction 

Anglea ,251-300-3840

AMP welding came and work a emergency job for us at a Walmart in Mississippi 

We were a week before opening and we a job done after talking with him the job was set for five  Days he came and got it done in two which allowed us to paint and have room ready for Opening . What I can say is that he affordable and on time . The second Walmart had a change order again he came and got the job done in two days which the job was estimated to take a week . We will be using him again .

Jacob Vincent


Office: 251-471-5189

Charles Weems General contractor 


AMP welding and Fabrication has strong skills when it comes to fixing and repairing structural

Material. We all ways use him to come out on the job site and fix and repair weld for us  

Mac Mobile Asphalt company LLC

Randy ,251-408-0770

AMP welding did a great job on our conveyor systems ,They came in on a job that was to take 4 weeks and got it done in 1 week times . All welding and fitting was up to class and will hire them again in the next job . 

R & L Davis LLC 


This Guy has a really strong knowledge on steel building and welding .He a great support to any company that wants to keep low overhead .

Yarco construction 

(251) 974-5141

Alvon Portis from amp welding came out and did a fast and affordable job . We had 8 trusses 

Top that need welded down and he finish in 3 weeks . For the price he charged on the hour we saved money and got a job done that we were behind on  . I would recommend anyone to this up and coming company. 

Brett robinson construction 

Gary Robison 251-979-0541

Amp Welding team did a great job on installing joists and bridging .He has all the knowledge with doing this work .His skills set and welding and fabrication IQ is about as strong as you will find around here We also call him about other projects such as handrails,staircasing , and foundations ,

I would like to note that company would be a good hire for Any General contractor . Don’t over bid and will save you time on the job .if he say 10 days that job will be done in 10.

Enclave orange beach

Robert Scidmore  251-504-6828

Alvon Portis of AMP Welding and Fabrication, has worked for our homeowners association for several months repairing significant issues on our exposed metal stairs. He is punctual, polite, attentive to details and very knowledgeable of the requirements and procedures needed to make these repairs. His welding and fabrication skills are excellent and overall, he has exceeded our expectations. I would recommend him to anyone for jobs large and small, and would not hesitate to hire him again.


Rolin Construction General Contractor 

Todd Babin, (251) 368-0072

Alvon Portis has all the tools to get the job done . We hired his company on an hourly deal 

Just to see his work and effort and to my surprise he still completed job in a timely manner.

He shows great charter and he expects all the guys that work from him to have the same effort and habit.

  A To Z service

owner Mike Ohayon


AMP welding have came and built aluminum gates and awning for me .

What I can tell you is that when I call him he come and do a great job . AMP 

Welding is really affordable with great rates . 

Walker Electric supply 

owner David Walker 


AMP welding done lots of custom fabrication for me .He is affordable and 

Reliable .

 One the spot Hotshots

owner Mike Christie


Amp Welding built lots of custom ramps for my hotshot business . What I can say is he come when you call and have really solid hourly rates .


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