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Tillmans Corner Custom industrial mezzanines Fabrication

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Ideal for manufacturing, warehouses and more

Start the process with a clear understanding of your application. Will the mezzanine be used for production equipment? How will it integrate with existing operations? What type of platform access do you need? What type of structure? We help companies utilize vertical space now and moving into the future. To get started, call us today. ”

John Wayne , Employee-Since 2016Amp Welding Fabrication

Mezzanines use existing climate resources and square footage, making them an ideal way to add vertical storage. We’ll help you add high-density storage or work areas at a fraction of the cost of relocation or new construction.

Structural Mezzanines
Structural Mezzanines
Parts Mezzanine
Rack Supported Mezzanines
Rack Supported Mezzanines
Shelf Supported Mezzanines
Shelf Supported Mezzanines
Work Platforms
Work Platforms
Mezzanine Safety Gates
Mezzanine Safety Gates
Pick Module Safety Gates
Pick Module Safety Gates
Mezzanine Pedestrian Gates
Pedestrian Self-Closing Swing Gates
Mobile Work Platforms
Mobile Work Platforms
Mezzanine & Service Platform Ladders
Mezzanine & Service Platform Ladders
Mezzanine Handrail
Mezzanine Handrail
Drawer Supported Mini Mezzanine
Drawer Supported Mini Mezzanine
Mezzanine Articles and Information
Mezzanine Articles and Information

Put unused air space to work

Structural support systems like mezzanines are useful as storage space, for production purposes, for office space, for storage, staging, work areas, and much more. With a mezzanine, you can create extra space in your plant quickly, and at a significant savings compared to new construction or expansions.
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Mezzanines can be adapted to your changing needs

structural mezzanine pick pod A mezzanine can be enlarged, or moved if it becomes necessary to accommodate a new facility layout. Mezzanines utilize your existing utilities and other considerations without causing additional energy costs.

Mezzanines are much, much faster at delivering your new space to you vs. new construction. We will design, fabricate, and install a mezzanine for you that accomplishes all these things at a more economical cost than many similar solutions. Call us today for more details on this time and money saving way to cost-effectively create more space in your facilities.

Shelf-Supported Mezzanines

Multi-level shelving systems with integrated bin storage for distribution, parts rooms, warehouses & more

High-density storage with tons of picking locations is what you get with shelving mezzanines. These systems give you plenty of new working area and use shelf uprights for support. They can be constructed in deck-over style with a platform that can host offices, bulk storage, or other functions, or for high density picking, extend the shelves up so that you have another layer of high-density pick and storage locations. Let’s talk about it — send us a request, chat or call today.”

Alvon Portis, Owner

shelf supported warehouse mezzanine

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High-density storage mezzanine systems save space, increase efficiency

Using standard components for support, economical units may be constructed with an open “deck-over” upper level, or additional shelving. This concept allows a great deal of storage in a small footprint because shelving acts as the support structure for a platform and the vertical cube is utilized. When you need to organize parts, tools or inventory in concentrated space, shelving and platforms are one of the best ways to go about it.

Savings are realized because:

  • You virtually double the amount of storage space in a given floor area
  • You utilize existing heat and air conditioning within the building
  • Construction is as uncomplicated as standard single level shelving. Beams and grating supports lock into strong one-piece posts without hardware. Channel-Lock Safety Grating installs easily for a rigid walking surface
  • The utility of a two-level rivet shelving installation has unlimited possibilities, including adjustable shelf heights and accessibility from all four sides.
Shelf Supported Mezzanines
Rivet two level shelving
Rivet two level

Structural Warehouse Mezzanines

Do you need more space? We can help you utilize the vertical cube efficiently and safely, while avoiding new construction costs

“Ideal for adding space to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shops, hangars, and more. Use for pick areas, high-density storage, work and assembly space, offices, and more. We’ve got five decades of experience helping companies max out their space. Put our experts to work: send an inquiry or call us today.”

Alvon Portis Owner
Amp Welding Fabrication 

Structural Mezzanines

 Bar Grating Mezzanines

Bar Grating Mezzanines

1″ x 1/8″ painted steel bar grating in an open design for ventilation and/or fire regulation. Great for applications where easy communication between levels is needed. Not recommended for small parts assembly, as parts can fall through the grating.

 Roof Deck Mezzanines

Roof Deck Mezzanines

20 gauge painted steel roof deck (AKA B-Deck, Corrugated Steel) is an unfinished, lighter duty mezzanine floor panel superior to plywood and other alternatives at a comparable price. Designed for lighter duty pallet jack traffic and foot traffic.

  • A limited range of standards are listed , but you can get a custom solution from our expert systems integration group
  • Compared to new construction or facility relocation, mezzanines are less expensive and more efficient. Provide more working space without the hassles of permitting, new real estate, leases or construction delays. Mezzanines also let you use existing climate control, parking, etc.
  • We can assist you with conveyor integrations, pick modules, vertical lifts, and related needs

Other Structural Mezzanine Factors:

  • Heavy duty columns provide strength and loading capacity required for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Completely fabricated steel components require no drilling, cutting or welding.
  • A selection of stairs and handrails are available to meet specified code for your area for your structural mezzanine project.
  • To aid installation, component parts are piece marked with cross references to an installation manual complete with drawings.
Mezzanine Factors

Mezzanines are rated for specific seismic code regulations. Verification by qualified engineers is required subject to local building codes. Contact us for assistance.

For many applications, standard sizes won’t work. These mezzanines and prices are designed to help you budget what a mezzanine that size may cost. We’ll help you sort out the details and get the best possible mezzanine at the best possible price in Tillmans Corner. Submit a configuration request for fast help.

Built Heavy-Duty Tough

Mezzanines give you added space at a moderate cost, with superior quality throughout. High strength, zinc plated steel bolts combine with heavy duty steel angles to align the framing for uniform installation. These integrated components lock the connection into a solid unit for maximum strength. The mezzanines listed are Beam & Beam style construction. They provide tremendous strength and load bearing capacity, with low composite heights available.

See Amp Welding Fabrication details for more information. Heavy duty columns provide strength and loading capacity required for industrial and commercial applications. Completely fabricated steel components require no drilling, cutting or welding. A selection of stairs and handrails are available to meet specified code.


Mezzanines meet the specifications for structural steel construction set by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). In addition, all materials conform to the standards set by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). All systems meet specified national, state and local codes.


Amp Welding Fabrication can often erect the mezzanine without interrupting normal work schedules. Or it can be installed by your own personnel. To aid in installation, component parts are piece marked with cross references to an installation manual complete with drawings.

Tillmans Corner Standards for Mezzanines & Platforms

Ensure compliance with OSHA regulations, building code & safety standard

mezzanine handrailing in a warehouse

We help clients with structural mezzanines and rack supported systems in a range of facilities.

Mezzanine Service options range from professionally manufactured to home-made to local fabrication shop to professional contractors. If you have a mezzanine or storage platform custom fabricated, you need to be sure your contractor is complying with OSHA & local safety regulations, particularly on guard railing, stairs and gates. If your fabricator doesn’t routinely work with mezzanines, this is something you’ll have to do on your own. The best policy is to look at established vendors if you don’t want to micro-manage the details of building permits, code compliance, and OSHA’s blessings. Here’s a breakdown of the handrail issues you might run into:

Mezzanine guardrail safety standards

Companies have been forced to extensively rework mezzanines when they don’t handle these issues on the front end. If you do go that route, the first place to look for noncompliance is in the guard rail. OSHA regulations are pretty straightforward:

“Top edge height of top rails, or equivalent guardrail system members, shall be 42 inches (1.1 m) plus or minus 3 inches (8 cm) above the walking/working level. When conditions warrant, the height of the top edge may exceed the 45-inch height, provided the guardrail system meets all other criteria of this paragraph (§ 1926.502(b)).”

Simple enough on the height issues. Make sure the plans are detailed on that regard, and make sure the final product meets it.

Mid-rails, screens, mesh, intermediate vertical members, or equivalent intermediate structural members shall be installed between the top edge of the guardrail system and the walking/working surface when there is no wall or parapet wall at least 21 inches (53 cm) high.

In many cases, the mid-rails are for seismic areas. They are more expensive — about $1,100 more for a mezzanine approximately 30 x 30 — but often worth it, even if code doesn’t specify a mid-rail. And while a thousand dollars isn’t cheap, it might end up that way because it makes it more difficult for things to slip between the upper & lower rail.

Then we address capacity:

Guardrail systems shall be capable of withstanding, without failure, a force of at least 200 pounds (890 N) applied within 2 inches (5.1 cm) of the top edge, in any outward or downward direction, at any point along the top edge.

When the 200 pound (890 N) test load specified in paragraph (b)(3) of this section (§ 1926.502) is applied in a downward direction, the top edge of the guardrail shall not deflect to a height less than 39 inches (1.0 m) above the walking/working level. Guardrail system components selected and constructed in accordance with the appendix B to sub-part M of this part will be deemed to meet this requirement.

It goes on to say that mid-rails or mesh screen need to withstand 150 pounds of force applied in any downward or outward direction at any point along the mid-rail. It’s also got notes on how to finish the rail so that it won’t lacerate or cut people. It shouldn’t snag on clothing. (In other words, a well-finished rail should be smooth to the touch at any points, have all the burrs ground down, and the sharp edges blunted.)

What else should you know?

There is a lot more to understand. I recommend an experienced mezzanine vendor, but if you do go the fabrication shop or contractor route and they aren’t experienced with platform work, be aware of the safety rules and how they apply to you. Check with the OSHA website, get your building permits (in some areas, a mezzanine of certain size can be considered a “second floor” and that opens up a new can of worms) You also need to be sure be sure that you’re meeting IBC rules and cover all of your bases.

Prefab Custom Mezzanines Install and repair

Mezzanines utilize available overhead space to create additional storage, office and/or work areas. Construction materials vary as the design dictates with deck materials ranging from bar grating, plywood to concrete. Material Lifts are often used in conjunction with mezzanines to move materials to and from the deck surface.

Benefits of Mezzanines

The benefits of building a Mezzanine level into your existing space are numerous.

  • Space Conversion – Unused space is fully-utilized at a fraction of the cost of new construction
  • Increase Floor Space – Mezzanines allow floor space to be added quickly without adding square footage to your existing facility.
  • Cost efficient – Mortgage or rent costs remain unchanged, with little impact to property taxes
  • Flexibility – Modular in design, Mezzanines can be moved or expanded easily
  • Stability – Bolt Together construction provides for a highly-stable structure
  • Custom Designed – Mezzanines are built to user specifications
  • Safety – Lifts provide a safe and efficient way to raise and lower product to and from a mezzanine level, when compared to manpower and fork lift equipment

Amp Welding Fabrication has successfully deployed mezzanine structures including materials from Panel Built, Inc., WILDECK, and Cogan, among others.

Installation Is Part Of Our Customer Service

Mezzanine installation is the final stage of our professional process. It is the way we fulfill our promise of being a turnkey mezzanine provider in Tillmans Corner. When you partner with Amp Welding Fabrication, you will never have to hire a mezzanine installation company or dedicate work hours from your own labor force. We provide end-to-end solutions for our mezzanines because we care about our customers and put their satisfaction first.

Amp Welding Fabrication will consult with you about the challenges of your space and give you a detailed quote for our full breadth of services. Once we have your approval, we’ll produce every component your mezzanine will need. Our freight partners will transport the pre-fabricated equipment to your local facility, and our crew will assemble the mezzanine quickly for you. This process is how we deliver turnkey mezzanine structures to customers nationwide.

You Don’t Need To Worry About Assembly

Your mezzanine materials will typically arrive on a flatbed and will require a lift truck to be unloaded. Two lift trucks will be needed if there is not ground access into your facility. Unless otherwise specified, we quote all of our jobs with the customer responsible for unloading the materials. Depending upon our specific contract, Mezzanine Distributors can be the one to unload all of the materials.

As the customer, if you opt for receiving the materials yourself, then all of them should be placed near the installation site. Once all of the appropriate materials are confirmed on-site, our installers are notified and arrive shortly to construct and install your mezzanine system. Amp Welding Fabrication will provide all of the hardware and equipment needed to complete the installation process. All of our crews have significant experience in the industry and with all of the specific products that we sell.

Our Installation Crews Make The Difference

One of the most significant advantages of getting a mezzanine over building an addition or relocating is the reduced disruptions to your typical operations. We are able to deliver on that promise because of our installation crews. Our crews are already familiar with the construction process of our mezzanines and can hit the ground running once they are on-site at your facility. All of our crews understand how to put these systems together accurately so there are no issues.

This service ensures that your structure is assembled correctly the first time, which reduces the need for further repairs or construction. Professional installations allow for your business to start using your new mezzanine as soon as possible. Every part of our process has been optimized to deliver the best services to our customers. That includes completing the project on time with effective results. When you hire Mezzanine Distributors, you can trust that your project is in good hands.

Custom mezzanine systems in Tillmans Corner, AL

Amp Welding Fabrication in Tillmans Corner, AL specializes in the design and installation of structural mezzanines built to satisfy the requirements of a variety of applications. When we develop a mezzanine system for a client we ask specific questions intended to help us understand the intended use of the mezzanine to ensure the final product will satisfy your need for efficiency and safety under working conditions.

The design of a mezzanine system does not start and end with the specification of size and load capacity. As the use of mezzanine systems vary, so too must their structural designs. That’s where Amp Welding Fabrication years of expertise and experience come in. Mezzanines used to support offices are designed with tighter lateral stability standards than those designed for general storage, for example. And applications with high point loads require special attention be paid to the distribution of these loads to the support members. Our design and install teams will walk you through the entire process to ensure the mezzanine system you choose suits your facility’s specific needs.

You’ve got options for mezzanine design

In order to cost-effectively service a broad range of applications,Amp Welding Fabrication offers different connection systems, many flooring options, and a number of accessories. These options exist in addition to our lines of loadbearing modular wall systems, also used in designing mezzanines.

Adding steel mezzanine floors to your warehouse or manufacturing facility can double or triple your working space at a fraction of the cost of constructing or leasing additional warehouse square footage. Mezzanine floor installation increases your warehouse footprint without incurring extra energy costs, property taxes, or higher insurance premiums. They also help streamline logistics and improve communications by keeping everything under one roof. For these reasons and more, a steel mezzanine installation is your company’s best expansion plan and Power and Motion is ready to help.

Why Install a Mezzanine Floor?

For environmentally conscious companies, mezzanine equipment platforms are a perfect solution to growth requirements. Not only do they better utilize the space you already have, saving resources and energy costs, they’re cost-effective, too. Mezzanines can be disassembled and installed in other locations if your company ever moves or needs to increase space somewhere else.

When you work with the Amp Welding Fabrication on a new mezzanine project we will travel to your facility to perform exact measurements to ensure your custom mezzanine is a perfect fit for your space. With our on-staff professional engineers, obtaining a PE stamp for your structural mezzanine or equipment platform is a streamlined process. Our industry-leading design and manufacturing standards coupled with our unique powder coat paint process make our mezzanine floors more attractive and longer lasting than any other steel mezzanine on the market, period.

Dock and Mezzanine Gates

Dock and mezzanine gates are used for safety and fall protection in loading areas where steep edges, heavy equipment and packages can pose a hazard. They feature self closing gates and additional grip areas to help support workers and prevent injuries near forklifts and other loading equipment. Shop Grainger for a selection of dock and mezzanine gates featuring both manual and electric operation.

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Here a List of the types of gates we can custom build for you mezzanine

  1. Split Opening Loading Dock Safety Gates- These split-opening loading dock safety gates are designed to help increase safety and protection in loading areas where steep edges, heavy equipment, and packages can pose a hazard.

  2. Horizontal Safety Gates-These horizontal mezzanine gates aim to provides the same protection as safety railing systems. When open, they can provide forklift access to elevated spaces. When closed, they can help to prevent falls.

  3. Mezzanine Pivot Safety Gates- These mezzanine pivot safety gates can help protect employees in elevated mezzanine loading areas. They can help to prevent falls, and can be easily opened to provide forklift loading access.

  4. Mezzanine Safety Gates-These mezzanine safety gates are ideal for safety and fall protection in loading areas where steep edges, heavy equipment, and packages can pose a hazard.

  5. Pallet Safety Gates-To help promote safety in mezzanine and loading areas, these safety gates are designed to accept pallets loaded by forklifts. To operate, simply forklift a pallet of materials through the safety gate and back away. The pallet gates close up against the material using torsion spring hinges, effectively protecting the mezzanine edge. Use in material handling, pallet racking, warehousing, and picking/packaging areas.

  6. Single Opening Loading Dock Safety Gates-Single-opening loading dock safety gates are ideal for material handling applications. They can help increase safety and protection in loading areas where steep edges, heavy equipment, and packages can pose a hazard.
  7. Vertical Safety Gates- These vertical safety gates are ideal for additional protection in loading areas where steep edges, heavy equipment, and packages can pose a hazard.

  8. Floor Mount Mezzanine Safety Gates-Multiple product options available

 Tillmans Corner Mezzanine Floors and cost

How much does a mezzanine floor cost?

The floor cost depends on the size of the mezzanine and location. it will cost about 200 a hour on man power to do this job.

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