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Fire Escape Staircase Fabrication & Repairs #city:t#

Fire Escape Repair, Replacement & Fabrication

When investing in a fire escape in #city:t# it is of the upmost importance that you get it right. A fire escape must be safe, fit for purpose and comply with all relevant building regulations. #brand:t# constructs fire escapes for all types of buildings. No matter the purpose of the property, whether residential, industrial, or otherwise, we can help you to meet regulations and equip your building with needed fire escape features. Count on us for sturdy, well-built fire escapes that will make your building safer.

Metal Outdoor/Exterior Fire Escape Stairs #city:t#

Galvanized Metal Straight Fire Escape Staircase

#brand:t# offers fire escape staircases that provide a safe and stable way for either guests, tenants, or office/industrial workers to evacuate your building. Our trusted durable designs provide a long lasting solution with guaranteed structural integrity. All our designs are in accordance with International Building Code (IBC) compliance for fire safety and regulation. #brand:t# works to ensure that each step we make certain you’re meeting both the IBC and local code requirements along with any permitting that may be required by the city.

Steel & Aluminum Spiral Fire Escape Staircase

Spiral Fire Escapes are available for most building situations both internal and external and can be installed to fit almost any height and type of building. Your fire escape stairs will meet all IBC Building and Fire Regulations along with local #main_city:t# codes and will be durable and customizable to fit your situation. They can be fitted to a range of buildings including schools, shops, hotels industrial units and commercial buildings. Our trained team at #brand:t# will fit your Fire Escape on site and make any final adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

Galvanized Steel is traditionally used for the construction of fire escape staircases and landings whether that is for internal or external use. However, due to recent technology innovations we can now use aluminum with a powder coating for a finish that lasts for years and repels rust. Treads, balustrade and handrail can also be manufactured from steel or aluminum and our CAD certified design team can help you choose from a wide range of designs. A selection of finishes are available and we will advise you about these at design time. Your fire escape can be constructed to run clockwise or anti-clockwise and include intermediate landings. Also if you require the spiral fire escape staircase to be set away from the building we can incorporate that into the design.

Professional Fire Escape Stair Repair in #city:t#

fire escape repairs and fabrication

Is your fire escape in poor shape? If your treads, stringers and stairs are wobbly, missing or loose, it may become a safety hazard. Make sure your building or property is compliant to the city of #city:t#’s building code by using #brand:t# for your fire escape. #brand:t# provides fire escape repair in #city:t# and fabrication services throughout the area.  In many cases it is entirely possible to repair the fire escape without replacing it entirely.

We specialize in fire escape repair, Replacement and Painting in #city:t#.  We provide the best fire escape repair and replacement services with a guarantee to pass city codes and along with keeping out building and fabrication standards to International Building Code for fire escapes while maintaining the highest precision quality.  

 We will perform complete repair and replacement services including:

  • Removing loose rust and paint (RRP Certified)
  • Remove/ replace all worn out and corroded steel
  • Prevent and treat future rust and decay
  • Fire Escape Fabrication
  • Fire Escape Repair and Removal
  • Steel Work
  • Hand paint all treads, rails, supports and platforms

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